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Face Your Dragon Podcast
Welcome to the
Association of Transformational Leaders Costa Rica!
 ATL Costa Rica is a Community of Like-Hearted and Like-Minded Transformational Leaders, Just Like You
We are interested in you becoming a Founding Member
Face Your Dragon Podcast
ATL Costa Rica Purpose – 
Learning, Networking and Mutual Support
The Association of Transformational Leaders™ (ATL™) is a forum for individuals of significant influence in artistic, academic, social, political, corporate, human potential/development and humanitarian endeavors, devoted to doing transformational work in their respective fields.

Our purpose is to join with like-minded people to initiate and sustain on-going dialogue and education that enhances our transformational leadership capabilities.

You Are Invited to Join Us and Co-Create 
at Our First Meeting and Beyond
Click the button below to fill out the nomination form. Please answer the questions thoroughly. 
What It's About and How You'll Benefit
  • To connect high functioning leaders of transformation, who are committed to serving others in their own awakening
  • To empower, inspire, heal, motivate
  • To provide a safe place for leaders to recharge, get emotional support, learn new skillsets to incorporate in their lives and their businesses
  • To learn more authentic, open, radical communication skills, to better heal conflict in personal and business relationships
  • To stretch transformational leaders into new paradigms, new thoughts, new ways of being and conducting business
  • To provide expansion and growth-focused support to uplevel our lives and businesses
  • To raise the vibration of the collective 
  • To live with willingness to face the things that are needed to be healed in ourselves
  • To take a courageous leap into the things that will best support leaders and the tribe they teach
What Founding Members Have in Common
  • Embodies their expression of truth
  • Makes a significant impact in the world
  • Leads, speaks and acts from their heart
  • Shows up as a team player, collaborative and open to going with the flow
  • Speaks their needs and generates requests powerfully
  • Demonstrates generosity with their time, wisdom, resources, and love
  • Embodies personal responsibility and owns their experience
  • Exhibits commitment to learning and growth 
  • Embraces connection to spirit 
  • Lives in service and contribution to others and our planet 
  • Creates powerful and positive new relationships that benefit all
  • Communicates directly, openly, honestly, and with loving intent
  • Driven by passion and purpose and their version of success
  • Adds value in terms of innovation and best business practices
  • Possesses an abundance mindset and is generous on all fronts
  • Takes initiative, values high integrity, and follows through with commitments
  • Remembers to check their ego at the door and brings in their loving, trusting hearts 
About the Co-Founders
Brad Axelrad
As consultant, event producer, speaker and author, Brad Axelrad supports visionaries to leverage their shadow into their big purpose. Producer of over 100 live events and host of the Face Your Dragon Podcast where he interviews celebrity thought leaders and icons like don Miguel Ruiz, Gay Hendricks, JP Sears, and Arielle Ford.

Featured in: NBC Nightly News, PBS Television, OC Register, LA Times, and USC/News 21. 

Proud Founding Member of the Association of Transformational Leaders SoCal since the second meeting in March 2011. 

Brad’s highest values: authenticity, integrity and vulnerability

Tera Maxwell Ph.D.
As an affluence coach, intuitive healer, and author, Tera Maxwell, Ph.D. has transformed thousands of lives with her results-focused energy work and mindset coaching that facilitates getting unblocked and living life 100% on purpose to realize life dreams. 

Her Ph.D. expertise on intergenerational memories, particularly for children of the diaspora, and a paralyzing writer’s block led her to study energy healing and develop the Affluence Method TM to break free from generational and emotional baggage of the past. 

She taught at the university level for 4 years before taking her love of teaching to transformational coaching online. Her scholarly work has been published in 3 recognized anthologies in her field. She was invited to be a plenary speaker at the Global Interconnections conference at UC Santa Barbara. 

Tera’s highest values: expansion, integrity, and adventure 

Amber Zuckswert
As an international pilates and vinyasa yoga instructor, and holistic nutritionist, Amber is the founder of, her online health and fitness coaching platform, where she trains individuals and groups in optimal living for their unique body and lifestyle. She’s been featured in Pilates Style Mag,,, and written for Glam Media as a professional blogger for 6 years.

Amber has produced over 50 retreats and teacher trainings, taught thousands of students at the world's most revered clubs, retreat centers, and festivals. She runs the largest health and holistic nutrition Meet-Up group in San Francisco and has an extensive loyal social media following on Instagram (33k) and Facebook (35k). 

Contemporary ballet/modern dancer with over 25 years of performance and teaching.

Amber’s highest values: authenticity, vulnerability, and connection

Grateful For Having Faced My Dragon and Attracted Major Media Outlets
Why ATL Costa Rica?
As transformational thought leaders here in Costa Rica, we have longed to create a forum, inspired by ATL SoCal, where leaders, devoted to doing transformational work in their respective fields, can gather to initiate and sustain on-going dialogue and education that enhances our transformational leadership capabilities.

We recognize the commitment, responsibility, and possibility with spearheading and leading ATL Costa Rica. We individually and collectively commit to grow our local ATL community in a way that represents the principles of the ATL community at large.

Costa Rica is a nucleus for healing, growth, sustainability, and peaceful living.

The most common expression here, “Pura Vida,” meaning “the pure life,” exemplifies both the landscape and the people in a way that sets Costa Rica apart from many other places on the planet, as a country with no military and a government focused on renewable energy, environmental respect, education, and healthcare.

As an epicenter for transformational growth and sustainable living, Costa Rica is a landing place for many leaders who frequently come here to host their events. Sometimes to change the world, we need to leave the world. Therefore, we believe it’s a needed location for ATL members worldwide to gather and receive a respite, outside of the old paradigm of modern western society.  

As ATL Costa Rica, we want to contribute access to resources of the local growth-centric culture and provide the gathering spot for leaders to tap into and cross-pollinate ideas, best practices, and new paradigms. 

For example, our meetings would provide access to an understanding of the landscape and knowledge of the retreat centers and hotels that best represent each member’s flavor of transformation, as well as the activities, shamans, healers, musicians, artists, health-focused chefs and shamanic journeys that would enhance the member’s impact on their tribe. 

You Are Invited to Join Us and Co-Create
Click the button below to fill out the nomination form. Please answer the questions thoroughly. 
Our First Meeting is Nov. 30th - Dec. 2nd
At Tabacon Hot Springs!

Tabacon has been recognized over the years by some of the 
most reputable industry groups and respected publications 
focused on luxury hospitality and experiential travel. 

They constantly receive accolades based on 
guest-originated recognition. 
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